Careers - Growth Marketing Lead

POSITION: Growth Marketing Lead

Hello! We are searching for a marketing growth guru who loves Asian noodle soups to lead marketing campaigns across a variety of mediums. We’ve noticed that while Nomz users love coming back for more, we need help raising brand awareness and attracting new users. That’s where you could step in.

What we need from this position:

  • Can develop, structure and execute marketing campaigns at scale from start to finish across different mediums.
  • Leads independently; structures/manages problems and solutions collaboratively; is unafraid to tackle the creativity and uncertainty required of entrepreneurial environments.
  • Innovative in non-conventional partnerships or guerrilla marketing campaigns that don’t simply rely on large spend with PR or marketing firms. We seek the engine of marketing ideas and execution, not a liaison between marketing intermediaries.

Example: Nomz has led and organized several #GoldOpen film screenings in the NYC area. We support Asian American leads in films, involve the local community and bring awareness and goodwill to our brand. Triple win.

  • Comfortable measuring and tracking KPIs (e.g., CAC).
  • Measures of role success include user growth and CAC/ROI.

Relevant experience/Skills:

  • Digital marketing across Instagram, Facebook and other platforms
  • PR
  • Point of sale display marketing for retail
  • Branding
  • Media design

An ideal description of you:

  • Individual of integrity who is deliberate, hardworking and no stranger to setbacks and overcoming them.
  • Passion for food, Asian cuisine (especially Asian noodle soups!) and culture; understands the behavior and habits of the busy demographic interested in traditional Asian cuisine and how to reach them online, in-person and in the store.
  • Has experience in marketing and is inspired by the idea of using those skills to spread the love of recipes and culture that we truly love. We’re not selling cellphone plans here!
  • Seeking growth and purpose as a senior member of the team building the Asian CPG brand of the future.
  • Believes in our vision that traditional Asian food brands in America have so much untapped potential to share signals of quality, clean ingredient labels and accessibility to single language Americans rather than the opposite.
  • Positive attitude. Versatile doer who can not only devise a marketing campaign but personally execute the details. Open to wearing other hats as a situation demands.
  • Enjoys social media and managing social media accounts; possesses great copywriting skills.
  • Excited by an entreprenurial environment! This is a rare and extraordinary opportunity to be involved with innovation in both the CPG and traditional Asian food space. Team members will have incredible potential to grow as a leader, gain valuable experience building a brand and experience days, challenges and solutions that are anything but routine and boring.

We hope our job description, purpose and values resonate, and we look forward to meeting you. Position is paid plus options. To apply, please send e-mail to with resume and cover letter (optional).

Our Values

Our Heritage

Celebrate and respect our Asian American heritage and the Asian cultures from which we source our recipes.


Customer Value

Improve the lives of our users by saving them time, money or health.



Serve products that we and our parents would enjoy and appreciate.



We value transparency in everything we do.



We strive to make our products accessible to all.


Chase Dreams

Pencils down, run towards opportunities, have fun and recognize life can often be much too short.


About us /

Our mission is to help busy individuals eat clean faster. We craft clean-label traditional Asian soups using quality ingredients and freeze the entire soup for convenience. At home or the office, users can simply heat and eat for a convenient, delicious and wholesome Asian noodle soup. Our vision is to become the most trusted, clean and accessible traditional Asian food brand in America.


Before you go any further, please note that we are currently unable to deliver to your area. We hope to expand our service area soon!