Design Brief

Task Description:

A little background on our company. nomz crafts wholesome Asian soups tailored for busy individuals. In a time-starved world filled with long work days and greasy Asian take-out containing additives, our mission is to “nourish our friends; save them time” through delicious, restorative Asian soups that feature high-quality ingredients with no MSG or preservatives. Our inspirations are the wonderful and healthy Asian soups our parents made us growing up, and we aspire to stay loyal to the taste, standards and care our parents devoted to the craft. Or in other words, “be the next best thing when Mom and Dad are far away”. After reduction, our soups are frozen and delivered, ready to become a wholesome and tasty meal (with noodles or rice!) in ~8 minutes of low-touch preparation whenever one desires.

Target Market(s):

People who are too busy to make their own food and want a healthy, quick, and authentic Asian soup.

Look and Feel:



We want the packaging to push the creative boundary more yet remain simple in design and color. simple, classy designs - monochromatic with 1 or 2 accent colors. It should stand out and call to you if you walked by it on a grocery shelf and it should not be too busy. The Nomz-sleeve design PDF is the template that should be used but take inspiration from the packaging examples attached. You can also visit us at to better understand the style and company.

The label must have directions, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

Nice to have:

- Dimensions of pint container is 3" Tall X 4.6" Diameter Top X 3.3" Diameter Base

- Playful vector drawings are preferred. Slight variations on the packaging shape can be made e.g., circle shaped top.

- The form will be like the BOL packaging insert, but we would like the designers help on the design and feel of the insert itself

Examples of labels we like:


 This is what our label will look like when wrapped around the soup.

Here is a link to the PDF of the template. 

Here is a link to our previous design.