Mighty Mung Bean Soup

The Mighty Mung Bean Soup 

Convenient. Traditional. Healthy.

A traditional icy dessert found in Asia, the Mighty Mung Bean Soup is an excellent, guilt-free way to cool down or complete a meal.

Filled with delicious, icy chunks of beans and finished with organic cane sugar, the Mighty Mung Bean soup features an all-star cast of organic green mung beans, organic pearl barley and lotus seeds bursting with nutrients including antioxidants and potassium.

Satisfying, guilt-free and nutritious – what more could we ask for in an icy treat?

Ingredients: Organic green mung beans, organic pearl barley, lotus seeds, organic cane sugar

As with all Nomz products, our ingredients are world-class and freshly sourced from reputable vendors. While pricier, we consider the benefits worth it - the security of knowing premium inputs are being placed into our recipes and our bodies and most importantly, the superior taste! 

Our organic green mung bean and organic pearl barley are certified by Quality Assurance International, a San Diego based company founded in 1989 and a member company of NSF International, an internationally recognized leader in public health and safety standards operating in 150 countries. 

Our organic cane sugar is certified organic by IBD Certifications (Latin America's largest certificator) and distributed through Costco. 

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