New Clothes for Nomz Pho!

Hello Nomz community,

Last week we rolled out a new packaging for our Nomz Pho! Below is a brief perspective on its detail and creative thought process – we hope you try it! As always, thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you eat well and save time with our convenient and premium Asian noodle soups.

Once again, the packaging sleeve is designed to appear as select panels of an unbroken surface and is a continuation of a series beginning with our Nomz Chicken Shiitake Mushroom soup. On the top panel, our designer renders his artistic interpretation of Nomz Pho using basic and natural shapes, colors and designs to recreate important elements of the recipe. This approach is core to Nomz, the use of minimal, premium ingredients to create powerful, memorable experiences. Fancy recipes certainly have their place, yet we firmly believe simple and familiar food – like Mom’s home-cooked meals - crafted with love and quality can stand up to anything.

While not an exhaustive list of ingredients (there are too many!), our artist selected both essential ingredients and elements that would capture well using his intentionally simple design language. While the color of pho broth is certainly not green, the minty backdrop was chosen to be playful and evoke feelings of restoration and vitality. We certainly can't mimic the broth color every time - it would be too repetitive!

What will be next?? Stay tuned...

Some early sketches of Nomz Pho below…

 Acknowledgements: thanks to our wonderful art director Guilherme B for setting the overall theme and artistic arrangement. One can find the rest of his portfolio here



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