Our Mission

To help our friends save time and eat well through quick and wholesome Asian recipes. By providing our users with exceptional, transparent and accessible choices within traditional Asian cuisine, we seek to be America’s most trusted and relatable modern Asian brand


Our Story

We craft wholesome Asian soups designed for busy individuals. Mom approved.

As most food stories do, ours begins with the home and our parents. Growing up, our co-founders distinctly remember mothers crafting savory Asian stews, a portion of which would always be frozen for later. Whenever life was busy, families would heat the frozen stews, add freshly cooked noodles and enjoy a quick, wholesome and delicious noodle soup at their convenience.

 Life is fast in NYC. Too busy to cook daily, we were not impressed with what is often available - greasy take-out stuffed with salt and MSG or store products that feature preservatives, suspect quality or foreign packaging we could not read. We wanted our meals to rejuvenate and delight us, not weigh us down when we needed energy the most. So we knew we had to re-create the Asian recipes from our childhood and beyond.

With premium ingredients, English-facing packaging and a focus on convenience, our dream is to build a clean and traditional Asian food brand that can be cherished and understood by all. Because in NYC, we know there are plenty of hungry, busy people who desire to eat well and save time.

Our Values

    1. Celebrate and respect our Asian American heritage and the Asian cultures from which we source our recipes

    2. Improve the lives of our users by saving them time, money or health

    3. Don’t lie

    4. Serve products that we and our parents would enjoy and appreciate

    5. Make our products accessible to all

    6. Pencils down, don’t complain, have fun and recognize life can often be much too short

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