Our Story

"Our mission is to champion Asian culture and share its quality through food."


As most food stories do, ours begins with the home and our parents. Growing up, our founders distinctly remember Mom crafting savory Asian stews, a portion of which would always be frozen for later. Whenever life was busy, our families would heat the frozen stews, add freshly cooked noodles and enjoy a quick and wholesome noodle soup at their convenience. It was so effortless – and always delicious.

These days life comes at us fast. Too busy to cook daily, we were unexcited by what is often available - greasy take-out or store products with suspect quality/preservatives. So we borrowed Mom's cookbook and lovingly recreated her savory Asian soups with premium ingredients that rejuvenate and restore. Designed for busy people seeking quality and convenience, our vision is to build an extraordinary traditional Asian food brand that can be trusted and enjoyed by all.

Our Values

Our Heritage

Celebrate and respect our Asian American heritage and the Asian cultures from which we source our recipes.


Customer Value

Improve the lives of our users by saving them time, money or health.



Serve products that we and our parents would enjoy and appreciate.



Value transparency in everything we do.



Make our products accessible to all.


Chase Dreams

Pencils down, run towards opportunities, have fun and recognize life can often be much too short.


"Our vision is to build an extraordinary traditional Asian food brand.
Trusted. Clean. Accessible to all."



Before you go any further, please note that we are currently unable to deliver to your area. We hope to expand our service area soon!