How It Works

We Stew

Our team prepares traditional Asian recipes (no General Tso’s here!) using premium, clean ingredients. No tricks, powders or additives – simply time and love, same as Mom/Dad would. Frozen for convenience.


You Choose

Select your recipe(s) and add noodles as desired


We Deliver

You select a delivery date (Mon/Wed), we deliver Nomz straight to your door/office. Zero effort! Manhattan only for now.


You Enjoy

Add water, heat (or microwave) and eat at your convenience. Even if it’s 3 AM.



How to Prepare Nomz

Stovetop (~8 min)

Invert container and rinse. Push down with thumbs to loose contents.


Remove lid. Place contents in pot.


Add water (fill empty container to Red fill line). Heat until contents well-heated, stir occasionally. Serve with spices, noodles/rice recommended.


Microwave (6-8 min)

Remove lid. Add water to container until Blue fill line. Remove wrapper. Microwave on high for ~6-8 mins or until contents well-heated (adjust according to device power). Serve with spices.


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Before you go any further, please note that we are currently unable to deliver to your area. We hope to expand our service area soon!