Introducing the new Mr. Nomz!

Dear Nomz community,

Recently we asked you to help shape the future of Nomz by selecting our new logo. We pitted four versions against each other and let the popular vote decide the rest. Having acquired ~56% of the vote, here is Mr. Nomz 2.0!

A sincere thank you to all our wonderful users who participated with their votes and comments. We were grateful for the amazing response (over 90 unique responses), and over 80% of respondents immediately recognized Mr. Nomz as a rice cooker – great job! If interested, you can find additional details on the birth and journey of Mr. Nomz below.

Who Is Mr. Nomz, And Why Is He Yellow?

Mr. Nomz is a hungry rice cooker shouting “nomz!” in excitement after seeing a hot, savory bowl of nomz placed at his table. He adores Asian cuisine and has a particular affinity for noodle soups, affectionately known as “noups”.  

Here at Nomz we are building an honest food brand for busy individuals interested in traditional and wholesome Asian recipes. Our convenient, delicious and healthy meals are made with select organic ingredients and are 100% free of added preservatives/MSG. We are proud of the culinary and ethnic diversity of Asian culture, and what better icon to unify the community than the rice cooker? No matter what Asian country someone originates from, their family will have served rice at some point!

Mr Nomz is yellow, the color of sunshine. Yellow also represents happiness, energy and comfort – the same feelings we experience when we eat nomz, guilt-free Asian meals that remind us of home and our parents. Coincidentally, yellow is also a color often associated with the Asian American community.

Does Mr. Nomz have any friends? Stay tuned…

The Design Process

Creating Mr. Nomz took some time! Here is an infographic charting the journey and early versions of Mr. Nomz:



This is awesome, thanks for sharing!! Love new Mr. Nomz! =D


Awesome to see how Mr. Nomz has evolved over time! The first sketch sheet has some great ideas for the future Mrs. Nomz (or Mr. Nomz’s sidekick… I like the dinosaur)

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