Dear Nomz community,

Today we introduce a new Nomz packaging! A sincere thank-you to all our early customers who looked past the awkward “adolescent” phase of our packaging and loyally purchased Nomz for its wholesome, traditional and delicious taste. Our journey for improvement does not end here (it never does), but it’s another step closer. We love you guys!

From the beginning, we desired a packaging that would match our conception of Nomz – simple Asian recipes rich in flavor, premium ingredients and memories of home. Asian food packaging can be binary and boring. In Western grocery stores, Asian food brands are often intensely Asian, trying (too) hard to be authentic with dragons and silly “Asian” script, while in Asian grocery stores, Asian food brands may be entirely in a foreign language, unreadable to those who grew up in America.

Nomz is different – a readable, warm and beautiful packaging that is cleanly designed and reflects how we feel when we enjoy a Nomz recipe and think of home. Comfortably proud of being Asian-American, Nomz does not need to tackily proclaim its “Asian-ness”; a modest homage to the recipe’s origin will do.

Boy, this looks authentic Help?


The packaging sleeve is designed to appear as select panels of one continuous surface. While each pane serves a purpose, the top panel is easily our favorite. Through basic and natural shapes, colors and design, our artist illustrated the key ingredients of this particular recipe: shiitake mushrooms, goji berries, green onions and chicken. His style captures the essence of Nomz – using simple, clean ingredients to create powerful, memorable recipes - and we are quite happy with the result.

Now for an occasionally embarrassing but always proud journey through the evolution of Nomz packaging to date…


1) The first Nomz label ever! Utilized for beta testing in Ann Arbor, Michigan


2) Initial brainstorm of sticker labels


3) Quart Size Labels


4) Quart Size Label


5) Pint Size (Concentrated) Label


Acknowledgements (in no particular order): Thanks to Lucy Ji for assisting with the first Nomz label ever; thanks to Yinan Xia for providing guidance on our initial Nomz sticker labels; thanks to Grace Audrey Kim for introducing us to, where we fell in love with the design and taste of a Portuguese artist based in Germany - so much so that we spent a meaningful effort to locate and engage him; thanks to Guilherme, said artist who put it all together. One can find our initial inspiration here and the rest of his portfolio here. And finally, thanks to our fans who got us here with their loyalty and encouragement.


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