Chinese Chicken Mushroom Soup ("Xiang Gu Ji Tang")

Noodles? (Nomz is intended to be served with noodles. Try ours - tasty, healthy and nearly fully cooked before freezing for convenience. Just place in pot and eat!)

Chinese Chicken (Organic) Shiitake Mushroom Soup Infused with Organic Red Dates, Ginger and Organic Goji Berries 

Convenient. Traditional. Healthy.

This Chinese chicken shiitake mushroom soup is perfect for lazy days or when one needs a restorative kick. While simple, this premium recipe is healthy and packs a protein punch - we use tea flower shiitake mushrooms (powerfully healthy!) and nearly two drumsticks of organic chicken in each serving.

Infused with herbs/fruits including ginger, organic red dates and organic goji berries that boost the immune system, this broth will provide you with feelings of warmth and home. While this traditional chicken soup has origins in China, regional variations of this classic recipe can be found all over Asia and the world! 

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend pairing with our Nomz noodles purposefully designed for a quick, seamless 1 pot experience. The noodles are tasty, healthy and nearly fully cooked before freezing for convenience. Nutrition facts can be found here.

Ingredients: Organic chicken drumsticks (boneless and skinless), tea flower shiitake mushrooms, organic red dates, organic goji berries, ginger, green onions, sea salt, sugar, rice wine

As with all Nomz products, our ingredients are world-class and freshly sourced from reputable vendors. While pricier, we consider the benefits worth it - the security of knowing premium inputs are being placed into our recipes and our bodies and most importantly, the superior taste! 

We currently use Bell & Evans organic, air-chilled chicken drumsticks. Raised on a no antibiotic, all-vegetarian diet in a low stress environment, family-owned B&E chickens are fresh, raised humanely and distributed in high-end retailers including Whole Foods Market. While we prioritize Bell & Evans, we occasionally switch to other organic purveyors including Trader Joe’s if there are stock-outs from our supplier.  

Our organic red dates and organic goji berries are supplied by a Taiwan-based distributor with over 40 years of experience. Germany-based CERES  and France-based Group ECOCERT are the professional certificators who certify the products organic.

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