Korean Spicy Chicken Soup ("Dakgaejang")

Glass noodles? (This recipe is traditionally served with rice or can be paired with our tasty and healthy glass noodles.)

Korean Spicy Chicken Soup (Feat. Bell And Evans ® Organic Chicken Thigh)

Convenient. Traditional. Healthy.

While perhaps less famous and harder to find than her big brother Yukgaejang (Korean spicy beef soup, 육개장), Nomz’s Korean Spicy Chicken Soup (Dakgaejang, 닭개장) is no less delicious!

Combining savory, shredded Bell and Evans organic chicken thigh with notes of garlic and onion, the Korean Spicy Chicken Soup is a wholesome broth accompanied by shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts and a spicy kick powered by gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder)! It is perfect year-round – its warming tones naturally combat rainy or cold days, and in Korea the soup is traditionally a favorite during summer months where some believe heat can be fought (actually, warmed from the inside out to help cool the body) with more heat!

Best served with rice, traditional side dishes and a splash of black pepper. Some folks like to add an egg!

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend pairing with rice or our Nomz glass noodles purposefully designed for a quick, seamless 1 pot experience. Made by a qualified Korean manufacturer from sweet potato, our healthy glass noodles are delicious and simple to prepare.

Ingredients: Bell and Evans organic chicken, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, scallion, garlic, onion, gangjang (Korean soy sauce), gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder), sesame oil, black pepper and salt.

As with all Nomz products, our ingredients are world-class and freshly sourced from reputable vendors. While pricier, we consider the benefits worth it - the security of knowing premium inputs are being placed into our recipes and our bodies and most importantly, the superior taste! 

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