Spare Rib Lotus Root Soup ("Pai Gu Lian Ou Tang")

Glass noodles? (Nomz is intended to be served with noodles. Try our glass noodles - tasty, healthy and the perfect complement to this soup.)

Spare Rib Lotus Root Soup Crafted With Certified Heritage Berkshire Pork 

Convenient. Traditional. Healthy.

An Asian classic with crisp and clean notes, our Spare Rib Lotus Root soup is a savory bone broth perfect for calming stressful and hungry days. The ingredients are simple - marbled, succulent cuts of certified heritage Berkshire pork, the humble but nutrient-packed lotus root, pork bones stewed for hours - yet they combine beautifully with our glass noodles for a rich and wholesome dining experience.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend pairing with our Nomz glass noodles purposefully designed for a quick, seamless 1 pot experience. Made by a qualified Korean manufacturer from sweet potato, our healthy glass noodles are delicious and simple to prepare.

Ingredients: Certified heritage Berkshire pork, pork bones, lotus root, ginger, scallion, rice wine, salt

As with all Nomz products, our ingredients are world-class and freshly sourced from reputable vendors. While pricier, we consider the benefits worth it - the security of knowing premium inputs are being placed into our recipes and our bodies and most importantly, the superior taste! 

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