Korean Brisket Radish Soup ("Soegogi Muguk")

Glass noodles? (This recipe is traditionally served with rice or can be paired with our tasty and healthy glass noodles.)

Korean Brisket Radish Soup (Feat. Chairman's Reserve ® Beef Brisket)

Convenient. Traditional. Healthy.

A staple in Korea, beef radish soup (Soegogi Muguk, 쇠고기무국) is revered for its simple and comforting taste. Nomz’s Brisket Radish Soup combines the heartiness of Chairman’s Reserve-quality brisket, notes of garlic and the refreshing, gentle sweetness of Korean radish (Mu) for a rejuvenating experience. Best served with rice, traditional side dishes and a splash of black pepper, our recipe can evoke memories of the dinner table at home, and is perfect for both stressful days and rainy days spent on the couch with TV.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend pairing with rice or our Nomz glass noodles purposefully designed for a quick, seamless 1 pot experience. Made by a qualified Korean manufacturer from sweet potato, our healthy glass noodles are delicious and simple to prepare.

Ingredients: Chairman's Reserve beef brisket, mu (Korean radish), scallion, garlic, kombu, ganjang (Korean soy sauce), salt, sesame oil 

As with all Nomz products, our ingredients are world-class and freshly sourced from reputable vendors. While pricier, we consider the benefits worth it - the security of knowing premium inputs are being placed into our recipes and our bodies and most importantly, the superior taste! 

We utilize Chairman's Reserve brisket, a certified premium cut which includes only USDA Prime or the top quartile of USDA Choice meat. These are the two highest grades of the nine quality levels for beef as defined by the US Department of Agriculture.

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